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Welcome to Chip on a Stick™

For over 150 years the British public have been enjoying chips and potatoes cooked in a variety of ways and they still remain as popular as ever!

Chip on a Stick™ is an exciting concept and gives a clever twist to the humble potato.

Chip on a Stick™ is sure to be a crowd puller, it looks great, it’s a fun product that will be loved by children and adults.

If you are looking to start up a new business or expand your existing one with a potential gross mark up of 800% Chip on a Stick™ could be the ideal opportunity for you.

With a low start up cost, you could be up and running in a few days.  As there are no franchise agreements you are free to operate your business without any territory restrictions.

Click on the short video clip on the right hand side, to see a Chip on a Stick™ being made.

So what exactly is it?

As the name suggests it is a Chip on a Stick™ you take a whole potato, no peeling required, use one of our skewers and wind it through the Chip on a Stick™ machine and after a few seconds you have your Chip on a Stick™ ready for frying. After a few minutes of frying you coat the Chip on a Stick™ with the customers desired flavouring.  Then you start the next one!

Chip on a Stick™ is currently sold at shows, events, chip shops and other fast food outlets. Why not join the successful team today.